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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

An apple a day...

I've been having a lot of respiratory issues this season. I came down with something nasty around Halloween, and Kev actually surprised me by taking a day off work so I could go to the doctor in South Jordan without hauling Aspen along with me. My diagnosis was bronchitis, so I took some antibiotics to clear up my lungs and get me back to normal.

After the five-day z-pack I did feel a lot better. I was no longer coughing all. night. long. But I still felt short of breath, and if I tried to inhale deeply, I would go into a coughing fit. I figured there was just some lingering junk and I'd be alright soon enough.

Two weeks later, I find myself miserably sick once again. Thankfully it was over a weekend so Kev got to solo-parent while I sat around coughing and feeling achy in every muscle/joint in my body. When Kev told me the gun show was Saturday, I told him to go ahead and take Aspen with him so they could get out of the house and I could pass out on the couch. Aspen was so excited to do "boy stuff with Uncle Sef and Daddy!"

I survived the weekend, but not without lots of coughing and discomfort in my lungs. I was fortunate that the doctor's office had a lot of openings on Monday so Aspen and I went right in and I got checked out once again.

This time, I walked away with an inhaler. I've never used one before, I really suck at it! I'm supposed to breathe in while spraying the medicine into my throat, but I automatically close off my throat with my tongue every time! I'm so lame. After one successful inhalation, I did feel a difference in my chest. I felt like I could finally breathe more fully without coughing my head off.

So, we'll see what happens with my sad little lungs after more regular (and proper!) use of the inhaler. I'm just really grateful I got in before the Holidays, and that Aspen was her super-wonderful-angelic self while at the appointment. She even got a free book, a little frisbee and a snack while we were there. Best service ever!

Wish me luck with the inhaler! I'm going to need it. If you have any tricks, send them my way.


  1. Yuck that sounds awful! I'm so sorry! Hopefully it all goes away soon.

  2. Trissta {Living on the Chic}Wednesday, November 21, 2012

    BOOO!!! That's so sucky! I'm sorry. I know I hate feeling even the slightest bit sick, so I can't imagine what you're dealing with. Maybe it's some of the inversion too? I know when I was going to school in Logan that the air would just get so soo terrible. I'd get terrible headaches and feel groggy all the time. I hope you get feeling better soon! I would suggest chest compresses, but I'm not the expert by any means.

  3. A spacer can really help with the inhaler issue, both with the timing and the taste. Basically it's a plastic tube and one side goes over the mouth piece of the inhaler, the other you put your lips around to suck in the air. When when you squirt the medicine goes into the chamber and is trapped until you breathe it in. But because it's diluted you'll want to take a few slow deep breaths from the spacer to make sure you get your full dose. My mother sent me to "Asthma Camp" when I was younger -- a few hundred asthmatic kids running around a camp in the mountains, quite the experience -- and they really advocated them there. I honestly don't know where you can buy them (maybe your pharmacy?) but it looks like you can DIY one out of a plastic water bottle. Just Google "inhaler spacer out of water bottle" and you'll find some instructions. Feel better soon!

  4. Asthma Camp sounds like the best kind of camp!

  5. It could definitely be inversion. And usually when I'm sick, I just keep telling Kev I'm ready to die. I'm a wee bit over-dramatic. Just a wee bit.

  6. That does not sound like fun... but I am glad you are being treated! I hope this works for you!!


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