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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Art Projects

Aspen has always been a pincher. Not of people, thankfully, but of things. As she learned about having hands, she always went after things with thumb and forefinger. As she learned to eat solid foods, each morsel was deliberately picked up with thumb and forefinger. No smash-and-grab at our house!

It's no surprise that even now, at two years old, she is still a delicate little pincher. When one of my friends suggested beads and pipe cleaners as a fun activity, I realized Aspen would LOVE it. She could pinch and manipulate to her heart's content.

She strung the beads on the pipe cleaner to make a necklace, which is really her term for any form of jewelry. She also requested a video of her art project. Perhaps she's a future craft-blogger?


  1. totally a future craft blogger :) she'll take over "ps: i made this"

  2. Thats adorable!

  3. Love your crafts for Aspen, so cute! I need to come up with some fun things for Logan.

  4. Lately, as long as she has a glue stick, she's one happy crafter.

  5. um, i loved that she called it frosting! so freakin adorable! watch out craft bloggers -- here comes aspen!


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