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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dust jacket verses digital

I've been reading a lot of L.M. Montgomery lately. Of course, I started with Anne  and moved on from there. I re-read the Emily of New Moon series and then picked up library copies of various works I've never read before. I don't know why it took me so long to really dive into Montgomery's huge collection of work.

I told Kev I'd love to haunt used-book stores and find copies of these novels for myself. And then I had a thought- how many used-book stores are left?! Everything is going digital and it breaks my heart that so many places are closing down. Yes, it is easier to look on Amazon and buy books for cheap and have them shipped right to my door. But where's the thrill in that?

Not owning a digital reader of any kind, I haven't experienced the benefits they offer. A part of me doesn't want to succumb to the ease of it; I want to always know the feel of a book in my hands. I want Aspen to grow up seeing her parents reading BOOKS, not just staring at screens. I want her to know the smell of a new book, and the joy of dog-earring a page to return to it later.

What about you? What are you reading lately? And are you reading the real thing or a digital version? I have a huge list on GoodReads, but it's always hard to choose what to read next.


  1. Oh I am totally with you. I don't think I'll ever be able to leave real books behind and move to digital or at least I'll resist as long as possible. I love how you said you want Aspen to grow up seeing you reading a real book and not staring at a screen. I already feel like I spend too much time staring at a computer screen what with just the regular stuff like e-mail/facebook, why add more screen time? I also try to make it a point to take Makai to the library once a week because I'm not huge on buying books (except kids books) since I can find any book I basically want at the library for free. So although we don't have tons of books sitting around our house I still want him to know books are important to our family and thus I try to make it a fun part of our routine. Right now I'm reading The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Emmuska Orczy.

  2. I have a Kindle, but I never use it. I have a hard time paying practically the same amount of money for an e-book as a real bound copy I can hold in my hand. I bought an e-book once for $5.99, but it was such a disappointing read, that I only use the Kindle for free stuff now. If you want to stick with the L.M. Montgomery theme, you definitely need to read The Blue Castle. It is by far her best book. Kilmeny of the Orchard is also a good one of hers. The Scarlet Pimpernel is an amazing book too and is one of my favorites! Another great author is Robin McKinley. She writes fantasy, but it is good stuff. Check out her Blue Sword and Beauty.

  3. I haven't read The Blue Castle yet. I'll add that to my list and try to pick up a library copy soon. I didn't realize e-books can be the same price as a real copy- I guess it makes sense though. The author still deserves royalties regardless of the book's form when sold.

  4. We also do weekly Library visits, and not just for movies! I think it's smart to avoid buying too many books right now when you're not sure where you'll be living long-term, y'know? I hate the thought of moving again in the next few months (and maybe moving AGAIN shortly thereafter) and having to pack up hundreds of books and haul them to a new place.

  5. I love Anne! And I don't own any of the readers nor do I want to. There is something about flipping those crinkled pages between your fingers that I just can't get over

  6. I agree! I understand the convenience of a reader for some, but all my memories of reading are tied to having an actual book. They're where I used to hide my money as a kid, too! Can't do that with a tablet.

  7. I'm in the middle of this very same dilemma right now. There's nothing like the smell and feel of an actual book, and it looks so much better than staring at a screen, but when it's late at night and you're trying to read while your husband is sleeping, print books get a lot harder.

    P.S. It was awesome meeting you at Gentri's meet-up last week! You're just so cute, and so is your blog.


  8. I have a downloaded a few books, but I really haven't read much on our tablet. Plus, almost every book they have on there when you first get on are bodice rippers, so that is a major deterrent.
    I will agree with Jillums comment. The Blue Castle is one of my top 5 favorite books of all time. You should definitely read that one.

  9. That book must be everyone's favorite because there are 24 holds on 4 copies in the SL county library system! Maybe I will go ahead and poke around some books stores to find a copy.


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