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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fall at the Farm

There used to be only one animal at Wheeler Farm that DIDN'T scare Aspen: the bunny. We would walk through the whole farm with Aspen covering her eyes in terror until we got to the bunny pen. Then we'd sit forever and ever and ever right there, staring at sleeping bunnies.

It doesn't matter that beforehand she tells me a hundred times she's going to hug and kiss a horse. When we arrive at the farm, she is always scared if we go near anything (sometimes even the parked tractors!).

Enter THE PIGS. Since getting hooked on Olivia and Wibbly, Aspen is now a pig-lover. She got out of her stroller at the pigpen and stood mere inches away from a real live animal. I was so happy for her!

Of course, after the pigs she climbed back into her stroller and let fear overcome her again while we walked through the farm to the bunnies. But it was still a triumph! At least I get to take loads of pictures.

Look at that fatty! It was probably in the 70s when we went to the farm, but both bunnies were sunk deep into themselves during their nap. It's no wonder Aspen loves them; they're so freakin' cute.

That farm is so beautiful and I'm so glad for the warm autumn weather we've been experiencing. I love that we're still going to free, outdoor destinations this late in the season.


  1. These pictures are amazing!! How fun!

  2. What a cute spot for family pictures! I desperately need to take my children to a farm. When Spring rolls around I hope to make it out to see all the new arrivals.

  3. Trin, just let me know when you make it down to SLC and we can meet up! We go to the farm like it's our job.

  4. Totally loving these pictures! I miss fall already /: haha

  5. Great pictures! I nannied a little girl this summer and we went to a petting zoo. She had a blast!

    The Broadcloth


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