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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Historic Gardner Village

After the Library one morning, Aspen and I drove a little farther east and visited Gardner Village. We had multiple plans before Halloween to go with different friends, but none of those panned out. It's a pretty little shopping village, but when it's not dressed up for a holiday it can be a lonely place to visit by yourself!

I made the mistake of going too early in the morning, too. Not many of the boutiques were open when we first arrived, but since I wasn't there specifically to shop, it didn't really matter. Aspen loved sitting in her stroller while we walked around. The stream is beautiful and although the ducks eventually caused her to scream bloody murder, they were fun to watch at first!

The night before, Kev and I had talked about Christmas and what we'll get for Aspen. We have a few toys and art supplies that have been squirreled away for the holiday, but we agreed we could get a couple more books and videos. With that in mind, Aspen and I went into the toy store and I browsed for something I could buy (and hide until Christmas) while Aspen was distracted. 

There's a wonderful little antique shop with all sorts of tchotchkes and Aspen followed me around saying, "I love this cute thing!" for a few minutes. She was so well-behaved as we walked through and she didn't touch anything (which was great because there were signs all over stating "YOU BREAK IT, YOU BOUGHT IT.").

We sat along the stream to eat lunch, which was a huge mistake simply because the ducks have no fear. A couple of beautiful white ones came over to us and touched Aspen's foot as she sat on a bench with her sandwich. That set off her TERROR switch and the screaming was spectacular. I just kept nudging the friendly, fat ducks with my foot to encourage them to move along. I couldn't stop laughing and I hoped Aspen wasn't registering my reaction to her fear. They were the nicest ducks ever, but according to Aspen, "Ducks don't bump me!"

Thankfully, we survived duck-pocalypse and eventually finished lunch so we could head home. And if you ask Aspen about the ducks, she'll smile and tell you, "Ducks make me cry." So I'd say it was a successful outing.


  1. hahahaha! aw! poor aspen, those ducks can be pretty tough. So cute.
    I love gardner village! You'll have to take her back when they get the Christmas elves up!

  2. I was a little disappointed with Gardner Village. It was far too expensive. It was fun, however, visiting during Hallowee and seeing all the decor and the restaurant was pretty good and reasonably priced.

  3. I'm not sure how I've never heard of this place? It is so cute and fun! Hope you had a blast :)

  4. That looks like such a cute place! So funny about the ducks, I can totally picture it. he he

  5. "ducks make me cry" lol how adorable/sad. I have actually yet to go to Gardner village although I always hear wonderful things about it and it looks beautiful! Your photos, especially of the antique shop make me want to go bad!

  6. Yeah, homegirl doesn't much like animals when they get near her and try to steal her PB sandwich.

    It is pretty though, and a nice spot to visit on a sunny day when you would otherwise be inside watching TV and rotting your brain.


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