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Monday, November 12, 2012

Mama Style - Guest Blogger Tiffany

When I started thinking about this series, I thought about other women I know and how they, too, can inspire. I certainly can't give advice that will work for everyone, so I asked different mamas to contribute. Some are working mothers, some mostly stay home. Some have a newborn for the first time, others are doing it a third. Today's guest blogger is Tiffany, who is my husband's sister. We met when... well, when I married her brother.

Hi everyone! I’m Tiffany, Liv’s sister-in-law, and I was super flattered when she asked me to write a guest post for the Mama Style series on her blog. I live in Florida with my husband and four kids, whose ages range from 11 yrs old to 20 months and we have a crazy busy life, but I love it. I don’t think I would know what to do with myself if we weren't always busy. Actually I do, I would relax and probably pick up a book. Ha! Oh well.

Feeling fabulous as a mom is often challenging. I love fashion and getting dressed to the nines, I even blog about how to shop thrifty and still look great. However, getting everyone else dressed and out the door usually comes first, and sometimes I just don’t have time to put together a well thought-out outfit. Who am I kidding? Sometimes is more like 3 out of 5 weekdays. It’s good that I have church on Sundays too, or else I probably wouldn't get dressed all weekend.

Since I live in Florida, casual style reigns all year. Shorts and flip flops show their stuff from January through December and being a stay-at-home Mom means I could live in sloppy clothes all day, every day and no one would really be the wiser (except my family). But I have found a key that makes me look better and feel fabulous with minimal effort and minimal $, because I am all about being frugal. Some people may know this already but in case you don’t here it is: Wedges and earrings. I swear that’s it.

On the days that I don’t have the time to dedicate to a fabulous outfit, I pick out a regular t-shirt, a pair of jeans (or even shorts), then I add some cute wedge shoes and a pair of cute earrings. Instantly my outfit is taken from "ok," to looking like I actually put some effort in, no matter how minimal it actually was. And the best part is, I feel better.

My husband will take almost no notice of what I’m wearing if its jeans and a tee paired with flip flops (not that I don’t love a good pair of flip flops, but how often do they may me feel cuter? Almost never.) But if I take the same outfit, throw on my wedges and add earrings all of the sudden he is asking why I’m so dressed up and telling me I look nice. It’s weird, really, but it shows how much better I look when I just add something cute, and how long does it take to put on earrings and cute shoes? A minute, maybe less?

Another fact in case you haven’t tried them, wedges are really comfortable. They give you the height and cuteness of heels but with extra support and stability. They also make you look taller which then makes you look leaner, and since I’m on the short side, me looking taller and leaner = happiness. Quick tip though, if you struggle with walking in heels or wedges, get a pair with an ankle strap, it adds a lot more support if you have wobbly ankles.

So there you have it. The super simple way that I make myself feel fabulous, even with my crazy life. It may not be for everyone, but it works for me. For some people, a cute pair of flats will make them feel the same way. I’m 5’3” and my husband is 6’2” so I will go for the wedges almost every time. To keep up with me and my efforts at trying to be stylish while being thrifty (and battling kids) check out my blog at

Thanks again for being part of this series, Tiff! I completely agree that wedges offer a little something extra to any outfit while still being casual if need be, as well as COMFORTABLE!! And please visit Tiff at her blog to be blown away by her amazing thrift-store finds. I'm always jealous.


  1. Loved the blog. Livia, do you know of any great thrift stores near us rather than the DI down town?

  2. There's Savers on Washington, I think around 42nd. There's also what I think is called "The Thrift Store" where Wall meets Riverdale, by Warren's. I can't remember where Salvation Army is, but there's one in Ogden. I think it's on Wall Ave in the 30th block.

  3. It was fun meeting you on Saturday! Cute blog!


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