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Monday, November 26, 2012

Mama Style - Guest Blogger Zjani

When I started thinking about this series, I thought about other women I know and how they, too, can inspire. I certainly can't give advice that will work for everyone, so I asked different mamas to contribute. Some are working mothers, some mostly stay home. Some have a newborn for the first time, others are doing it a third. Today's guest blogger is Zjani, who I've known many years. We briefly lived in the same apartment complex at WSU and had friends in common, but didn't become friends ourselves until I started blog-stalking her. We realized we lived around the corner from each other and I guess I proved I wasn't a crazy Internet stalker. Since then, we've cared for each others' kids and she's done my hair a million times.

My name is Zjani and I am a mother of 3 children, the youngest being a mere 3 months old. I don’t always feel like I have amazing style and most days I choose comfort over anything else, but there is one thing that I feel makes all the difference in how I feel about myself and that is makeup. Without makeup I feel/ look frumpier than ever, with makeup other things can go by the wayside but at least I don’t look near death.

This is usually what I get to wake up to in the morning. I have a very pale complexion and I feel like my eyes just blend in with my face without something on them.

This is after a late night hair color and makeup, I look more fresh and awake.

These are my staples, since getting married forever ago I haven’t had the money to drop on makeup like I would love to, but these items seem to do the trick without breaking the bank. If you find yourself with little money to spend on makeup this is a list of the super cheap “drugstore” brands that I use and love.

* Maybelline BABY LIPS in “peach kiss”

* NYC skin matching foundation “686 light”- (way cheap and works well with my freckled face)

* Wet 'n wild coloricon Bronzer in “Bikini Contest”

* Cover girl Lashblast fusion in “very black”

* Maybelline mascara (pink bottle green lid) in black- (after curling my lashes I put on a coat of this then I put on a coat of Lashblast )

* Forever 21 Love and Beauty eyeshadow pallet

* Rimmel London 001 dark brown eyebrow pencil

* Cover Girl twist up eye pencil “black onyx”- (came free with Lashblast mascara)

*Most of the time I go without blush but when I do use blush it’s a rub on from Victoria Secret that I’ve had for ages.

Zjani, thanks so much for sharing your make up tips. I use a lot of the same products and love them too. I may just have to try out an eyebrow pencil since I never knew until now that you use one! I've always worried it'd look too obvious, but you must color-match perfectly because it has never stood out to me all these years! If anyone wants to try out some of these products, check them out below!


  1. I agree that make-up is key. I feel far much better when I have put on a little make up than the days that I do not. I am much more confident about myself and I feel it accents any outfit. Confidence and a smile is the best accessory.

  2. The Little Mermaid, Anne of Green Gables and ZJANI are the reasons why I wish I was a freckled red head. BEAUTIFUL.


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