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Monday, November 05, 2012

Mama Style

Here's the thing about this skirt- I couldn't tell if it was too tight or just right. I tried it on and then put it away again. I tried it on for Kev and then put it away again. Then I decided that if neither Kev nor I could decide it was too tight, it wasn't. And I wore it to church and didn't regret it. I also bought another color though, and that one definitely looks too tight. Don't you hate that? So now I have to return one version of the skirt and keep this one.

It's totally worth the sizing trouble to have a jersey version of a pencil skirt. Super comfortable and yet it's sleek and flattering. You really can have both. I dressed it up with a sweater I acquired in a fashion swap, and I love it.

Since the sweater has a button and lace bib, I opted not to accessorize with a necklace. And the shoes, well. The shoes just seemed right. How can you go wrong with silver heels? Black was too stuffy and nude was too blah. So silver saved the day.

sweater (free from fashion swap): Jaclyn Smith, similar here // skirt: Old Navy, similar here and here // heels (old): GUESS via DSW, similar here


  1. love that sweater with that skirt -- and that sweater looks way better on you than it ever did me! glad to see it went to a good home!

    i've been wanting a skirt like that for so long but i have a huge ole' booty and i just don't know if it would be flattering or not, haha!

  2. Love the skirt!!!! It's not too tight at all, it looks awesome! I want it! I may have to feature it on a steal that style because I found a striped jersey skirt thrifting the other day, but it's not as cute as yours so we'll see... :)

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  4. thanks for the sweater, mary!! we need to have another fashion swap, this time in your neck of the woods.

    tiff, i seriously coveted this skirt for MONTHS. so i finally bought it. and when i returned the one that didn't seem to fit, i only got the newly-discounted price as a refund. such a bummer.

  5. I totally think that you should do a fashion swap again. I could not make it last time and would love to come. :0


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