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Monday, November 19, 2012

Mama Style

Raise your hand if you have a hard time shopping for boots (raising both hands!). I'm a size 6, but when trying on boots, I always have to go up either a half or full size so my calves will fit the boot shaft. Super lame, because then my feet are swimming in space while my legs are nice and cozy.

I have a similar problem with Aspen and her midget feet, too. She's two years old and still wearing a size 4 baby shoe. But her short little feet are actually kind of fat (tall from sole of foot to top of arch) so I can't buy just any old size 4 shoe. And for some reason, she's not a fan of sitting on the floor of a store while I shove shoe after shoe after shoe on her foot. Weird... ?

Why must it be so difficult to purchase something so fabulous? And speaking of fabulous: These boots are just that (even if they're a smidge too big for my feet). They were a steal for only $25 at ROSS, and we can pretend that we weren't there to buy snow pants for Aspen and not boots for me. Also a steal? This top from the kids' section at the LLBean outlet (see me wearing it here after buying it on our family vacation in Maine). I wish I could purchase things in the kids' section more often buuuut I'm not that small. However, with this top actually being a kid's tunic, it works on a grown-up body length-wise. It's all about proportions.

floral top (old): LLBean Outlet (kids), similar here // red skinny jeans (old): GAP, similar here // brown boots: Steve Madden via ROSS, similar here // bird's nest ring (old): GAP, similar here


  1. LOVE!! I have the SAME exact problem in regards to my calves! Its so frustrating. Especially when I find a pair I LOVE and CANT get because of the BC problem :( Those boots are ADORABLE THOUGH! Must go to Ross.

  2. You look great! I have problems finding boots that fit my calves too--I don't think I have that skinny of legs, but I guess I have longer feet, so I wear a size 7 and usually the part of the boot around my calf just looks huge!
    As for wearing kid's clothes, that's great! I needed some cheap, long sleeve black and white shirts for school, and I got the large in the kid's section at walmart--they fit perfectly!

  3. When I worked as a hostess, I bought little boys' button-up shirts for my uniform! It was the cheapest way to get dressed for a job I only had 4 months.

  4. I figure I'll start wearing fat socks soon to help with the sizing problem. No biggie, right?

  5. I have the opposite problem with my calves! The boot shaft flops around my skinny chicken legs!

  6. LOVE this outfit!! So cute!!

  7. You look so cute!! You have pretty small feet! My mom and sisters have the same problem finding boots to fit their calves, I however have NO calves lol


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