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Friday, November 16, 2012

On Aspen's shelves

Lately, Aspen is in LOVE with Ian Falconer's character Olivia. She's a very ugly pig, but she's quite adorable regardless (thankfully, she's much less ugly on Nickleodeon than in the original books).

We started reading the books from the Library and then graduated to borrowing the TV show once a week. Kev and I have actually cracked up laughing during the books because they are so funny (the original ones by Falconer). My favorite so far is Olivia Goes to Venice. It's darling. Seriously- "As they went through the airport, Olivia was searched for weapons. She was very pleased." Love it.

For the last two weeks, Aspen has been telling me her name is Princess Stephanie, which is thanks to Princess for a Day, and I had to find her a make-shift crown and magic wand so she could fit in with all the princess pigs.

It's amazing to watch her imagination grow and to see her interests develop (THANK HEAVEN WE DON'T HAVE TO WATCH CAILLOU EVERY DAY ANYMORE). I can hardly keep up with all her chatter and pretend-play and it's wonderful.

The other show she's gotten into is The Magic School Bus. I loved it as a kid, so it's nice to share that with her. Again, we're lucky to find a copy every week or so at the Library so she can get her fix. And now every yellow bus we see in real life is MAGIC!! It's so fun.

What are your kids reading and watching lately?


  1. I can't wait til Logan starts having favorite books. For now all he likes to do is turn the pages, I have to try to read as fast as I can before he flips to the next one. :)

  2. That episode of Magic School bus where they go inside Ralphie and see his antibodies and the medicine his mom made him take... I love that show so much! I totally forgot about it and I totally need to get Bug into it immediately!

  3. We definitely watched that one over and over and over! Aspen was so into it, probably because Magic School Bus is a completely different pace than the baby shows she usually watches (like Signing Time).

  4. I remember the magic school bus I loved it. Its on TV on Saturday mornings so thats usually the channel we watch since there arent cartoons on 7 & 11. I've seen books, figurines, shows etc of Olivia, it looks pretty cute.

  5. new[est] follower. loving your blog. can't wait to keep following along!

    stop by sometime!


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