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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Penny's Preschool

As the weather cools, I've decided to start preschool with Aspen. Nothing major, since it will be just the two of us, but enough to keep us happily occupied indoors.

I looked up some ideas and really connected with the blog Preschool Alphabet by Lindsy. She does a lot more than I'm willing to commit to, but I want to take hints from her here and there. I mean, there's a reason why I changed my major from "English Teaching" to just plain "English." I don't enjoy teaching. I also talked with Kate about how she and her friends do their preschool group and she gave me a good starting point.

One afternoon when Aspen got up from her nap, she refused to eat dinner (she sometimes naps until 5). I am so sick of dealing with the picky-eating-situation so I just cleared the table and decided we'd do an art project instead of fight over food.

I free-handed some owls and we glued and colored until someone's tummy was ready to eat. I didn't show her where to put any of the pieces I cut out; I just let her do her own thing. Our owls could be twins!

She enjoyed this so much (usually we keep it easy with just crayons and watercolors) that I know it's a good time to start some informal schooling. I'll be sharing some of our themes and lessons as we go along, and I'm open to suggestions from anyone who's tackled their own preschool, too!


  1. Cool. I started a mommy school with Makai last month too and it's going awesome. I'm same as you, we tackle it as we like. Some days we do lots other days nothing at all. I use the mommy school curriculum from the blog oopsy daisy
    She has a lot of packets you just print off and go for it.

  2. Great minds think alike. Today while preparing breakfast for the boys I began to write down supplies I would need to start doing some crafts for the winter season. Not only to occupy our time, but to help teach also. I remembered my SIL's mommy pre-school group and them teaching one letter from the alphabet a week and I thought abou incorporating that as well. It will be nice to see others going through the same process and sharing ideas.

  3. Such a great idea & fun for you guys both to do together.


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