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Saturday, November 10, 2012

The day I was turned away from the polls twice.

I made a huge mistake when it came to voting this year. I didn't take the time to change my registration information from Weber County to Salt Lake County, and didn't do an absentee ballot, either.

So I was faced with doing a provisional ballot in Salt Lake County, but my understanding is that those paper ballots are not counted until the week following the election. Meaning it could be considered a less-effective vote, if not simply a  rejected vote. I don't pretend to know all the ins and outs of voting, but this was still a problem for me. I didn't want to take the time to vote if my vote literally wasn't going to be counted.

Regardless, I arrived at a designated voting station near my house in West Jordan and talked to some of the people there. A quarter-sheet of paper was flung at me by a disinterested (volunteer? grumpy old man?) person who said I could use information on there to fix my registration "for next time." I tried to explain that I thought I could take care of that in person with them for this election, but I was told that if my name isn't in their book, I could only do a provisional ballot.

So I loaded Aspen in the car and drove up to Ogden. Fun!

I left Aspen with my very dear friend Melissa in Ogden and went to my old ward building to vote. My license still has my Ogden address on it, so I figured I could slip in, show my ID, vote and slip out. Things were going well until an old ward member recognized me and asked me where I've been for the last four months. She was supposed to be helping me sign in, but when the woman sitting next to her heard that I no longer live in Ogden, she interjected that I couldn't vote. Even though I was looking right at my name on the electoral roll.

I get that I should vote where I live. I do. But I made a mistake and tried my best to reconcile as much as possible. And I had an ID that stated I lived up the street from that building so I couldn't believe they tried to turn me away. I almost started crying because everything has been so frustrating lately with Kev's new job and trying to sell our house and looking for a new place to live when our lease is up in December. I just wanted something to WORK OUT.

Finally, someone gave permission for me to cast my vote. I was so relieved to be done with it, but still felt like I had wasted an entire day with all the red tape. When the next election rolls around, you better believe I'll be ready. I'm not going through this mess ever again.


  1. As you know, I understand. As I walked to cast my vote with my boys, went to the wrong school, made it to the right school to find a note. The note stated a new location for voting. I finally made it, casted my vote and was on my way. I saw that you are going to be starting at home lessons with Aspen. I too am starting the same process with Jesse. If you have any lessons or ideas you would like to share, I would be appreciative. I am going to be make note of my lessons on my blog so feel free to use any of my ideas. It should be easy and fun these next two months because of the holidays and there are super fun, easy crafts to do with toddlers. BTW: I LOVE my necklace!

  2. At least we did our duty!

    I'm so glad you love the necklace. It's a fun one, isn't it?

  3. Proud of you for going through the effort to vote. It is so important that we use this freedom and glad it finally worked for you!


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