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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Throwing out the "TO-DO" list

For a quick trip to the store, Aspen had successfully narrowed down her "lovey" choices to one stuffed dog (Spots, of course) and one plastic animal (elephant being the new favorite this month).

We walked out the front door in just sweaters and jeans. As I loaded my purse and the lovies in the car, I heard Aspen crunching in the snow on the other side of the driveway. I let her know we could make a few snowballs, but then we had to run our errand.

An hour later, we still hadn't made it to the store. I had, however, gone inside twice to get a fresh pair of dry mittens, a hat, snow pants and winter coat for Aspen to layer up. Of course once she was bundled so tightly she could barely move, she decided she was done sitting in the snow and wanted to ride her hippo car up the sidewalk.

This was one of those moments I knew I was doing the right thing as a parent. Far too often I reflect on the day and wish I had done something differently. But on this day, I pushed my errand right off the list and instead stood outside watching my beautiful, cheerful daughter play in powdery snow and sunshine.

Instead of hustling her through a store to pick up diaper wipes, bananas and strawberry-flavored applesauce, I let her mosey through the yard and the neighborhood at her own pace. We stopped to talk to a bug and tell him to find his warm house. We investigated icicles stuck under the cars in our driveway. We followed Maddie's old footprints in the snow and when we were finally too cold to play any longer, we came inside and warmed up with a snack.

While I may not have made it to the store that day, I still did something important. I appreciated being a parent, and I appreciated the blessed little child who made me one.


  1. So cute. You are such a wonderful mom. I am using one of your pictures from a 'mama style' post. I hope you don't mind. I will source it. You have inspired me to do my own mama style posts. :)

  2. Trinity, I'm glad you want to do your own style posts! It's a lot of fun (even if it's embarrassing to look back in a few years). And yes, with a source back to me, I don't mind if you borrow photos from my blog! Thanks for letting me know.

  3. That is awesome. Way to go, Mom. Sounds like a wonderful memory


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