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Friday, December 14, 2012

Getting ready for Christmas

I've slowly been wrapping up presents this month. As a kid, I remember wrapping all the presents my mom bought for my siblings. She does not like wrapping. It was so satisfying for me to get everything looking just right, and I don't recall ever telling anyone what they were getting so it was a win-win.

It's been a lot of fun getting things for Aspen this year. Aspen's first Christmas, her Spanish-speaking cell phone was the big hit. Last year, the highlight was her plush kitty (which she still carries around and loves). This year, it just might be Tinkerbell. Disney had an amazing sale on their site around Thanksgiving, and I got Aspen a 12-inch Tink doll for $4. She's either going to be freaked out (look at her weird smile!) or totally in love. I'm hopeful it's the latter. Aspen gets really excited when she sees Tinkerbell fly over the Disney castle/logo at the beginning of movies, so I also got her the newest Tink movie. She deserves to see that her favorite character actually gets more then just three seconds of screen time, right?

Not having a job anymore, this Christmas feels a little weird for me. I want to get Kev some presents I know he'll enjoy, but it's not as fun to buy them with his money. I miss earning my own income and using that to spoil him and Aspen.

Regardless of who's actually paying for the presents under our tree, I'm glad they're there. It's nice to show our love and appreciation to each other and to remember that humble birth of a little baby so long ago. I keep trying to teach Aspen that Christmas is actually Jesus' birthday, but she doesn't believe me. Maybe I should make a cake?

What are you most excited about this Christmas? Like I said, I can't wait to see Aspen open her Tinkerbell-fan-club-paraphernalia, and I'm also looking forward to singing in church. I hope I don't get sick and lose my voice like last time.


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  2. I love wrapping Christmas presents & putting them under the tree. I'll be interested to see what she thinks of Tink, you got a great deal on her.

  3. I am excited to see my boys' faces as the walk down the stairs and see all the presents nestled under the tree.

  4. I love spending time with the girls. Watching movies, making crafts and cooking. I'm most excited to watch the girls unwrap presents that they bought for each other. They both saved up money and spent the money on their siblings. They are both so excited, which makes me super giddy.

  5. dixie, i bet it'll be SO FUN to see their reactions to each others' presents!


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