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Monday, December 24, 2012

O Christmas Tree

We do a lot of art projects around here. The backyard is a swampy, muddy, snowy mess so we steer clear of that. The front yard is covered in a blanket of second-hand cigarette smoke so we steer clear of that. The neighborhood in general is a terrifyingly desolate place so we steer clear of that. Instead, we're inside covering things with glue.


It's a lot of fun, though, and it keeps Aspen happy. And, thankfully, this month's Better Homes and Gardens magazine had a lot of suggestions for sorting and storing the massive amounts of projects kids create these days. Which means that eventually I'll get to that six-inch stack of paintings and drawings that Aspen has created during the time we've lived in West Jordan.

I've been thinking of scanning some of our favorite projects to keep digital copies long-term. And perhaps we'll get a binder with plastic sleeves for others that we definitely want to keep hard copies of. What do you do to keep track of the things your kid(s) make? I admit I've recycled a few of the less-amazing ones... but I definitely want to keep some of Aspen's stuff.


  1. I take pictures of everything Makai creates. I make sure to write his name and year on each thing. Someday my plan is to make a blurb book with all of the pictures of his creations in it. I do save some of them that have his hand/foot print, etc. on them.

  2. Making a book is a great idea- Shutterfly is so handy for that!

  3. So fun! I really need to do more art projects with Bailee.


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