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Monday, December 31, 2012

Our Christmas Staycation

In my family, on Christmas Eve we've always been allowed to open one present (and it wasn't just a pair of pajamas!). I like to keep the tradition alive because I'm too impatient to go even one more night without opening something.

For Aspen's Christmas Eve gift, we opened her bowling set. Kev received a $10 gift certificate from JCPenney and I redeemed it on this and got it free. Aspen had a lot of fun bowling at Milo's Halloween party, so I hoped it would be a hit. Kev helped her set it up and she chucked that ball over and over again at the pins.

The first thing Aspen saw on Christmas morning was her new workbench. I actually bought this when she was a newborn because Toys 'R Us was having one of their buy-one-get-one-free sales. In addition to the workbench, I purchased a little piano that Aspen has been using since she was about 1 year old. The workbench has been boxed up, just hanging out, since then! It was an exciting gift for her because she loves to use Kev's tools on her own and "fix" things. As her parents, we're excited for other reasons = she'll continue to develop her fine motor skills with this. Aren't we lame?!

My parents sent Aspen a lot of wonderful things. I gave them one suggestion but they went to town! My step dad Marc made a memory game using family photos. Aspen was psyched about that. I have a hilarious video that I need to edit (it's way too long) to share her reaction when she and Kev unwrapped the game.

They also shoved a giant, stuffed horse in a box and sent it to us with a warning to stand back when we opened it. As Kev pulled back the panels, Aspen was thrilled to discover a horse bigger than herself popping out. We had to drag that giant thing to Seth's on Christmas day when we headed over to his house to continue celebrating. When we're at his house Aspen sleeps in a twin bed, so it was no problem that she wanted it with her. Now that we're back home and she's sleeping in her converted crib bed, there is NO ROOM for "Mama" horse.

Since before Thanksgiving, Aspen has been talking about Bert and Ernie coming over. We rented a clay-mation B&E video from the Library once, and it sparked an intense interest in them since then. When I found her a tiny Bert and Ernie for Christmas I was probably more excited than was necessary. I figured now they could finally come over for real instead of just in Aspen's imagination. It also works out that both her little Disney princesses have boyfriends (let's just pretend there are no rumors about B&E's sexual orientation, k?).

After spending Christmas morning at our own house, we packed up even MORE gifts and food and headed to Seth's for a few days. Kev had the week off from work, so he decided he'd work on the remodeling project going on in Seth's spare room to see what he could finish up for him. Seth had to work after Christmas day, but that didn't stop us from enjoying our time with him.

Aspen helped me clean the bathroom and entertain both the dogs while Seth was at work and while Kev did his thing drywalling, mudding, and sanding the spare room. It's also possible we watched Aspen's new Tinker Bell movie 100x.

Aspen and I ended up staying at Seth's until Saturday morning while Kev stayed behind to keep working. It was nice to get away from WJ (even though I worried our house would be robbed) and spend time with my brother. He was so awesome with Aspen and even watched her for us on Christmas night so we could see a movie. When we came back (just before bedtime) Aspen yelled at me to go away because she was having fun with Seth and didn't want us to take her home. Apparently he's still the best babysitter ever.

Again, I hope your Christmas was just as delightful! I'm so grateful that not only were we able to exchange gifts, but we spent time together and even snuck in a date night. Many thanks to all who sent cards and gifts and who helped make our Holiday bright.

Have and safe and happy new year!


  1. Oh my goodness! Aspen is getting so big, and so adorable!

  2. I'm often shocked at how grown up she is getting. She's a REAL PERSON!!


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