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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist

Kev's go-to skate shoes are finally worn out (which makes me sad because he's had them since before we started dating) and it's time to replace them. I'm not "qualified" to make an actual purchase for him, but I can give him a gift card to some place and let him do it, right? He's very particular and he's not into labels, so I have a hard time getting him something that fits his specific criteria for clothing.

However, with my limited understanding of what he finds acceptable in a shoe, I picked out a few things that I thought might not freak him out. (I actually tried to shop shoes for him but I gave up because I didn't want to see a look of disappointment on his face Christmas morning. Ha!)

Row 1: Etnies // DC Shoes // Vans
Row 2: Vans // Etnies // Vans


  1. I really like the vans because they can go with a lot. I hate the really large looking skate shoes because they make feet look huge. I like to buy my boys vans and dc's. Andrew however, would never wear anything as such. He is a Jordan's kind of guy when it comes to a tennis type shoe. Oh, and he still rocks the simples and dr. marten's. His style may never change. He is an outdoors, t shirt and jeans kind of guy. LOL. Love him. I too would go with a gift card for fear of disappointing. :)

  2. Lol! Jim is the same way. I can't pick out shoes for him.

  3. I can't believe those shoes have finally bit the dust. When I think of Kevin, I totally picture him in his black skater shoes. I don't dare pick out shoes (or clothes for that matter) for someone else. I love gift cards for that exact reason.


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