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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Giving thanks

I took advantage of a flash sale site (P.S. I Adore You) some time before Christmas and bought a stamp kit for myself. It's the cutest little tiny thing, with lowercase ABCs and a few symbols to boot.

Aspen also got a stamp set (with part of the $10 JCP gift certificate Kev had before Christmas) so we spent about an hour one day making "thank you" cards.

Aspen not only loved stamping, but she loved wiping them all clean for me when we were done. She always loves getting stamps on her hands (thanks to the Ogden Library) so having stamps accessible 24/7 was almost too much awesomeness for her to comprehend. As it was, on Christmas day we had to immediately stamp both of her hands when she unwrapped the kit.

I'm looking forward to using these alpha stamps for all sorts of different projects. Aspen has learned all her letters, but we mostly focused on uppercase. So these are a great tool to help her learn the lowercase versions.

And they're fun for me, too.


  1. LOVE that stamp kit you got! How fun, you seriously do so many fun things with Aspen. Bailee loves stamps too!

  2. That is so fun! I have a tiny little set but not so fabulous as yours. That's adorable that she got a set too and played stamps with you!

  3. i really wanted to get that, its so cute!!


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