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Friday, January 11, 2013

Mama Style

You need to know that this photo isn't edited. The lighting was just that amazing. All I did was crop the shot.

I found this tunic top (with pockets! and a flower!) in the girls' section of H&M. I had a conversation about it on Facebook because this purchase means I'm accepting the reality that is my teeny tiny chest after pregnancy and 14 months of nursing. It's been a surprisingly difficult change to accept. My clothes don't fit correctly and it's extremely frustrating. But, I guess if I keep shopping in the girls' section I'll find things that work with a small chest. See another top I bought in the girls' section here.

top: H&M, similar here and here and here.


  1. oh who cares where you bought it if it's that cute! i really like that big flower, it's so cute and quirky. and i've actually had the opposite problem as you. i have super small boobs and out of no where they just sprung out and i had the most awful time styling stuff now with cleavage haha. see, the grass is always greener!

  2. Super cute! And you're right...that lighting is fantastic! :)

  3. I really like that shirt! I would totally buy it, girls section or not.
    I'm with you on the clothing struggles because of body changes. Nothing fits the same anymore.

  4. I think that top is really cute and appropriate for a mom. haha. I found you through the share the love blog hop. New Follower


  5. I'm glad I found it, too. I didn't see anything in the women's section that I loved as much! And it was only $9.99. SA-WHEEEEET.

  6. super cute. and seriously, i'm just saving up the money for surgery... ;) haha


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