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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Reunited and it feels so good.

I'm still pretty heartbroken that SueAnn moved away recently. I loved our weekly play dates, and I know the kids did too. Also, I miss having baby Ella smile at me like I'm the coolest person ever. She seriously gets one look at you and bursts into a huge grin like, "hey! I know you! You're great!" Makes a person feel good.

We met up at South Towne to let the kids climb and crawl and run and scream in the play area and so SueAnn and I could chat. She joked that we're probably one of the few moms out there who go to the mall just so the kids can play and not so we can shop.

These cuties just kill me. I like to pretend they'll grow up and get married and it'll be super-weird because Aspen won't have to change her last name. And her dad and father-in-law will have the same name on her genealogy and will really freak people out.

Aspen had so much fun that she used her best story-telling-voice to talk about the play date on the drive to Seth's afterward. She happily recounted how Milo caught her at the bottom of the slide and she ran around screaming with a little girl they met there. And then she spent an hour of her nap singing "ELLA ELLA ELLA M-M-M-MILO!" before falling asleep.

So, basically, it was the best day ever because she played with her friends and then hung out with Uncle Seth.


  1. I am so happy you were able to have a play date. I am in dire need to set up a few of those myself. I think it is for my sake more than the boys. :)

  2. This is so cute!! Hopefully someday they do marry each other!! ;) I'm also amazed that you don't go to the mall to shop but for them to play, what a good mom you are!

  3. Oh how I miss our weekly playdates, and Salt Lake County. Milo has been talking about playing with Aspen non stop. I think we are going to hit up the trampoline place on Friday if you're up for it!


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