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Monday, February 18, 2013

A pigtail playdate

Thankfully, while my younger brother was in town, he and his wife dedicated most of their time to seeing family. The visit was short (and meant for them to meet Julia's new nephew) and I'm glad we could monopolize them so often so the cousins could play.

Little taught Aspen how to jump in her bed (do you see the look of bliss on her face behind Aspen?!) and she tried to show her how fun it is to jump off things, but Aspen is a wee bit more cautious than her cousin. Little would literally leap off a stool while Aspen gingerly stepped down one foot at a time.

We had them over one morning for a quick play date and I loved seeing the girls explore Aspen's toy bins and dance to her radio. They're at ages when they don't just sit next to each other and play; they interact with each other a bit now. I can't wait until they're teenagers and we show them the video of them rolling around Aspen's floor steamrolling each other. That won't be embarrassing at all.

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