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Monday, February 11, 2013

A quick run down and a hundred photos

Aspen is in love with her Taylor cousins (specifically, Gabe, not pictured). These two girls, however, are my favorite because they entertain Aspen for hours on end when we visit at their house. We also get a lot of their hand-me-downs which I love.

While Tiff was in town we had a pizza and game night at Darin's and Anna's and let the kids run free. We also had a little photo opp with the siblings so they can have mementos to remember each other by. There's nothing quite like a candid, right?

On Super Bowl Sunday (which we actually didn't even turn on the TV for at our house) Tiff stopped by so we could try to erase Aspen's screaming departure from Saturday night from our memories. With all the fun we crammed in during Tiff's visit, Aspen's nap schedule was messed the heck up. Which resulted in a lot of melt downs when something didn't go her way.

On Tiff's final day in Utah, she invited me (and Aspen) to join her and Anna for breakfast at Kneader's as one last hurrah. I've heard great things about their french toast, but I found out the batter is mixed with heavy cream so I couldn't try it. It was pretty devastating. Thankfully, the conversation more than made up for the disappointment regarding the menu. We got to talk for a couple of hours and Aspen got to line up almost every chair in the dining room to make a train for herself.

It's a shame Tiff lives so far away because we had so much fun while she was here. And it's sad that Aspen hasn't met any of Tiff's kids! Hopefully there will be many more future trips so we can get the cousins together to make some memories.

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