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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

First sledding adventure of the season

Kev's sister was in town last week and it was so much fun to spend time with her and one of Kev's brothers (who lives just south of us). Tiff lives in Florida and we haven't seen her since the summer Aspen was born (and before that it was at our wedding in 2006). She came without the kids for this visit so we had lots of time to catch up and the two of us even spent a few hours on Saturday at City Creek ALL BY OURSELVES.

Friday afternoon I woke Aspen from her nap and surprised her with a trip to Herriman to sled with her cousins. I brought Maddie since she never gets exercise in the winter and I knew she would love chasing the kids down the hill on their sleds. She actually got to do more than that when she spotted a buck darting through the fields and she took off after it. I'm so proud of my 25 pound dog for trying to drop a deer.

Sledding was so fun and I'm glad Kev was able to meet up with us after work. We crashed his brother's house for a quick dinner and then we headed home with a very sad Aspen. She hates to leave her cousins' house and even the promise of a return trip the very next day didn't do much to calm her down. Seriously, minutes after we get into the car she starts fake-crying and saying things like, "I miss my cousins SO MUCH."

She's so dramatic.

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  1. It was so fun! I miss you guys already!! I just emailed you my pics, there are some cute ones of Kev and Aspen sledding. Sorry I didn't get them to you sooner.


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