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Friday, February 08, 2013

Looking for a job, again.

I picked up an application for the rec center in my neighborhood and eagerly filled it out at home. When I first moved to WJ, I created a fitness-only resume to hand in to gyms when applying to teach. I figured gyms don't care about my experience working at GAP in high school... so I pared it down to relevant jobs and my education.

The following day, I went to the early-morning Pilates class as usual. I yawned through the whole thing (545a is not my best hour) and was startled from my drowsiness when the teacher came up to me afterward to ask about my flexibility.

Although I've kept the information from my instructors until now, I decided to go ahead and tell her that I've been practicing Yoga/Pilates for 8 years, and that I'm certified for both. I didn't want to be treated differently in my classes, so I hadn't said anything the last two months.

But as soon as I shared, the teacher asked if I've ever applied to work at the rec center. I told her I just got an app and was planning to hand it in after class. She. Was. Thrilled. She said they're always looking for more teachers, especially since it's currently really hard for anyone to get a sub.

And not only did the teacher seem thrilled that I was considering employment with the rec center, but she announced it to the whole class as we were packing up our mats and props.

No pressure, right?

When I showed up for the Power Yoga class the next day, the instructor came over and introduced herself as the coordinator of aerobics. She asked me to stay after class and talk with her about my work experience.

She admitted they don't currently have room in the schedule to give me a new class, but once I fill out an employment packet I can go on the sub list. And she has connections with other fitness centers in the area and will help me get in touch with coordinators here and there as well. I've found that in this business it really matters to know someone. Otherwise, you apply online to a gym and your information just gets sucked into a vacuum and never acknowledged. While I'm nervous to be teaching again, I'm also really looking forward to it.


  1. Yay! I am so glad you got a new job. Congratulations!

  2. Thanks, I wish it was an actual job, though. I'm not sure how often I'll sub, and if I'll be able to swing shifts with Kev's schedule.

  3. I love your striped cardigan. I too have a few bubble necklaces-I needed to stop my collection. Sorry about the neighbors morning routine. I too am not so thrilled with all our routine, but I am hoping that we will be able to move in a year. Living in condo's I hear all the neighbors as they hurry of to work in the morning. I listen to all the doors opening, closing, ice being removed from windows and tires crunching on the street. I hope that you get this job. That will be great for you. I really need to start working out. I would really like a job, but with Andrew's schedule I am unsure when I can fit it in.

  4. Yay!! Best of luck, at least its an exciting step in a good direction :)


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