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Monday, February 04, 2013

Mama Style

It's been ridiculously frigid in Utah these days. Last winter was so mild I don't even remember shoveling snow off my driveway or spending time scraping a layer of ice off my car. This winter, though, MAN. It was below freezing for like, a week. I tried to spend that week inside, fighting off the huge drafts coming through the walls and cracks of our rental.

Now that the sun has come out (goodbye, inversion!) and the temps have risen, I feel like I can actually look cute again. No more trudging across icy paths wearing a parka and dragging an equally-bundled-up two year old beside me. FREEDOM!!

yellow cardigan: old navy, purchased second-hand from NTFR, similar here, different color here // owl print shirt: purchased second-hand from june.july, similar dress here // bubble necklace: cheerfully charmed // grey skinny jeans: old navy, similar here, and here.

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