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Friday, February 15, 2013

The other uncle

My younger brother and my sister-in-law came into town to visit and it was the perfect remedy for winter blues. Leilani is just 8 months-ish younger than Aspen and we've been talking her up to Aspen for weeks in preparation for this trip. It really worked, because the second she saw Leilani (for the first time in almost a year) she was enamored.

We met them at Seth's for dinner on Sunday night and let the girls chase dogs, play ring around the rosy, build with blocks and cause general chaos. Also a big hit was an exclusive showing of "Signing Time" on Seth's phone.

The next day we met up with J&J and Leilani and my friend Nicole (with her two daughters) at the Aquarium. I don't think I've seen Nicole since... I was a freshman in college? I think our last outing together was a concert and our ride's truck got towed (ringing any bells?!). But we've been following each others' blog since around the time our daughters were born so it doesn't feel like it's been ten years since we last talked. Her family recently moved back to Utah and I was thrilled when she asked if I'd like to get together.

Even though Aspen and I have been to the Aquarium quite a few times since moving to WJ, I definitely saw some new things this visit. I keep going back and forth on whether or not I should get a membership, but I think I'll go ahead and do it for my birthday or something. With how often we go, it'll save us so much money to get a pass instead of paying admission every time.

After my brother left, Nicole and I got to sit down with our girls and eat our lunches. It was so nice to chat and catch up a bit on what's going on. I'm looking forward to them settling in Salt Lake County so we can get together in the future. We love friends!


  1. That is so cute! I hope someday Aspen can play with Zoie...

  2. Aspen, do you like super why? I go downstairs and you can come watch with me.



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