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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Untitled, because what do you call a post about your Zumba instructor?

After only two months of semi-regular attendance, it's weird that I grew so attached to a certain instructor. It may have something to do with her being the first to teach me Zumba, so I feel most comfortable with her. Her approach just clicked with me; she makes mistakes during her routine and she just laughs it off and encourages us to have fun too. She makes it obvious that she loves what she's doing and she cares about the class' workout. When she announced last week that she's moving to Texas, I felt like crying. And then I felt stupid because I don't even know her.

I talked with one of my friends about this- my surprising reaction to my instructor's news. I admitted I felt so silly for being sad since I've never even talked to my instructor. But my friend said she feels the same way about her spin class teacher. She commented to me that she'd leave her friends and family to follow her spin instructor anywhere. She loves her style that much.

It makes a huge difference. The teacher, I mean. I've been attending some other classes lately just because I know I need the workout. But I don't really care for the instructors' style(s). Still, I go. And maybe I complain about it to Kev later in the day even if I'm glad for the exercise.

At the very least, good or bad, other instructors make me reflect on my own teaching style. It makes me consider my music, the cues I use, the modifications I offer and the general tone of my voice. I was once told I sounded like a flight attendant. One gym owner told me I sounded like a counselor. And not in a good way.  I know that my own experiences being an instructor have a huge influence on how I evaluate the classes I attend myself.

Selfishly, I hope the students I left in Ogden missed me a little bit when I left (especially since it was so sudden). I hope that there was something good about me that resonated with them during the classes we shared together. I hope that me leaving made practical strangers feel weirdly like crying because we had a good thing going on. Even if that is a little stalker-ish.

I can't wait to be teaching again. The places I've contacted aren't hiring right now (including the rec center I interviewed with this month so I can't even get on the sub list as planned), and it's so discouraging. My friend's gym is actually cutting a lot of classes right now due to low attendance. It just doesn't seem to be a good time to be looking. It makes me miss my old jobs even more because I know how lucky I was to have them.

Not only would Kev and I appreciate my income, but I'd like the chance to meet more people. One of my dearest friends started as a Pilates client and I'd love to repeat that experience, if possible (YOU KNOW YOU'RE IRREPLACEABLE, MELISS). So here's to hoping I find something soon. And that my new Zumba instructor is amazing.


  1. It's true that the teachers matter and that's why I bounced around aimlessly for months looking for the right class/teacher after having you. I think you're right when you say that it's sort of about who you had first.

    Also with zumba, you either CLICK with an instructor, or not. I feel like there are awesome ones and terrible ones and nothing in between, according to each zumba student.

    Hope it all pans out! I know your students miss you!

  2. Im sure your students miss you. Even though I only went to classes for two months there was always a favorite & I always kinda got disappointed when it was the other one. Some just know how to motivate ya & make things fun.

  3. I have a secret girl crush on my Zumba instructor so I totally get what you're saying. Every time I try a different class I miss her style and the way she challenges me. I have tried talking to her a few times so I don't feel so stalker-ish, but I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm a weirdo. Oh well, I still love her and I would be heartbroken if she ever left. I hope your next one is awesome!


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