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Friday, February 22, 2013

Visit roundup

The week my younger brother was here definitely went by too quickly. We saw them all almost every day, but I still feel like it wasn't enough. I wanted to take the girls on adventures, but the week slipped away from us before we did much more than just hang out and let them run free at Seth's.

Little is a daredevil, and she kept showing Aspen how to jump off stools and couches. At one point, Aspen climbed up, all ready to jump, but then she stated, "I'm nervous!" in a small voice. She gingerly stepped down from the stool and called it good. It's so funny how different these two are when it comes to thrill seeking.

We took them to the airport at the end of their visit and then Aspen and I headed home for a nap. After reading stories and talking a bit about the day so far, Aspen asked if Little would be coming over when she woke up. It was so hard to tell her that her cousin was on an airplane flying back to her house, and that she wouldn't be coming over again any time soon.

We were really spoiled having so much attention during their visit! It was so wonderful to relax with family and eat good food and watch these little cousins interact. I'm so grateful they were able to make the trip out here so we could make some memories.

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  1. So fun to have your brother & niece visit. I bet Aspen had so much fun with her cousin. That was cute about jumping off the stool.


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