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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Kev and I have been Comcast customers since 2008, when we bought the Pink House. We tried to go without cable for a few months, but that got old fast. When we lived on campus (my job at the time provided us with a free apartment) we had cable, so we got really used to it.

When Kev started having problems with his old job in Ogden, we took a look at our expenses and cut back where we could since I was no longer working full-time. Cable was, of course, one of the first things we decided to eliminate. But then I called Comcast and talked to a really nice rep who said I'd get a huge discount if I signed a 2-year contract. She told me that by having a contract, my monthly bill will be reduced significantly and I'd still keep all the channels we currently had.

That sounded good to me! We shaved about $30 off our bill and we kept all our favorites. I hadn't had trouble with Comcast in the two years we'd used their services, so I didn't mind signing a contract.

After moving to West Jordan, our cable reaaaally started to suck. We often had glitches in our service that asked us to pay for what used to be free onDemand selections. Some channels were inaccessible at random times. I found myself unplugging and resetting the cable box often to get things working again.

Recently we got notices in the mail about a digital upgrade and the need to check in and see how my services would be affected. I followed the instructions and went online and was told that I didn't need to do anything to maintain my current service. However, the date of the upgrade's finalization, it seemed all my channels were gone.

So I called and talked to someone who told me that for the last 1.5 years, I'd been receiving channels for which I wasn't paying. But if I wanted to get those channels back, he'd be happy to upgrade my package today!

I was not impressed.

Why would they allow me access to channels I wasn't paying for?! I specifically accepted a two-year contract (set to expire this June) because I was told that for $XX/month, I could keep certain channels in my package. I vividly remember having that conversation with the rep while I stood in the backyard watching Aspen read books on a blanket in the grass. I was so psyched to tell Kev I'd negotiated a great deal on our services.

And now I'm being made to feel like it's all my fault that I watched those channels. How dare I watch those channels for the last year and a half without paying for them?!

I'm really disappointed because it comes across as a huge scam to get me to upgrade. The rep blamed the sudden loss of channels on the national digitization (or something) of all cable. Like Comcast didn't have the power in the last two years to moderate my channels based on what I was paying.

Give. Me. A. Break.

So we're saying goodbye to Comcast as soon as our contract is up. The service has been crappy in Salt Lake Valley and now I'm ticked at being BAMBOOZLED.

Looks like now Kev might finally consider getting Netflix like I've been suggesting for the last million years. All I know is ASPEN NEEDS HER SHOWS. Every day she's like, MOM I NEED ERNIE. My laptop doesn't work well enough for her to watch shows on it so we can't just rely on the Internet for all Aspen's entertainment needs. Also? I don't want her touching my laptop, thankyouverymuch.

Anyway. This was just a huge rambling post about how fed up I am with Comcast and how I finally understand what everyone I know has been complaining about all those years.


  1. Russ is a very mild guy.... unless he's on the phone with a cable company... then holy moly watch out. We've ended up giving them all the boot too. You're right, they all feel like a scam the way they try to twist things. You guys will probably be just as happy with Netflix, we have been.

  2. I feel for you. I feel like I am on the phone with comcast every few months due to the ever increasing bill. I have opted to cancel our services multiple times, but it is far cheaper to keep our cable due to the fact that we also use them for internet services. It is weird to me that it is more expensive to only have internet than a bundle package. They are scam artists and I am not one to sit around and let them take me. I get pretty heated during some of our negotiations. It is a joke, but I do love my shows. Oops.

  3. AW. I will be posting a post similar to this tonight! Must be a VENTING Day. Sorry your having such a nasty time! We just got Comcast this weekend but its Internet only. This is good to know so I can watch for things. xoxo.

  4. I would have cancelled two years ago if they hadn't given me such a discount. I totally agree that it's frustrating to pay more for Internet-only than it is for a cable/Internet pkg.

  5. ugh, we were always frustrated with comcast. when we moved to eagle mountain we got Dish, and we've loved it ever since. sorry about all the annoyance, i would keep calling and threatening to cancel until they gave me some killer deal.


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