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Friday, March 29, 2013

Cut a rug

Amanda recommended Home Fabrics for some rug shopping and we were able to browse their selection together this week. The main living space in the Lucky House is all hardwood floor, and it's kind of beat up so I wanted a cozy rug to make it more comfortable. I also wanted something that would bring more grey out of the walls and tie in the fireplace until we paint it.

The great thing about this rug is that even if the fireplace does get painted white (which I'm rooting for), the colors will still work. I was so happy to find something in the size I wanted in a price point I felt comfortable with. There's a little pull in the binding of this rug so it was discounted. But the woman at Home Fabrics just used some fabri-tac on it and I'm totally calling it good. that part will just slip right under the sofa and we'll never see it again. And as you can see from the photo above, Aspen loves the rug so that's another plus in my book.

Tuesday night Kev cleaned both the backs and the fronts of the existing carpets and I'm thrilled he successfully got the pee smell out. What is with us and moving into pee-soaked houses? Do people not use toilets anymore? I don't get it.

Kev also got some free carpet and laminate from a job so we can cover the unfinished floors in the basement. The LH sustained some water damage before we bought it an as a result, the basement has been somewhat gutted. So while we knew we'd be sinking money into the house for the rehab, we're really grateful to save on expense wherever we can. Getting the flooring for the basement at no-cost is such a relief. And having a husband who can skillfully do the work is even better. I think I'll keep him around.

Just putting down this rug and getting the carpets cleaned has already made a huge difference in the feel of the house. Combined with the paint that's up, it looks so much more ready for us to move in. Now I just need to get over the final hurdle of packing our rental so we can haul it all over tomorrow. I can do it, right?


  1. It looks great!! That's awesome :) And you can do it!

  2. im in a cinderella frame of mind and wish you many mice and birdies that help you out with job......we can do it we can do we can help our liveee a a !! xo rug is super cute.

  3. LOVE the rug! It really brings out the grey in the wall color. They look less blue already! Good luck moving!


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