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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Daddy daughter dinner date

Aspen helped me start Sunday dinner while Kev set the table. After she lost interest in the making the french toast, she seated herself at the table and started asking where her food was.

I plated everything and brought it over to them. I sat across the table from my two best friends and watched them start in. The entire meal, Aspen kept her hand on Kev's arm.

It was such a tender thing I had to take a photo. Yes, it was annoying for Kev as he tried to cut and eat his food, but it's so important that the two of them have a relationship. I know this was just a little thing that a toddler was doing nonchalantly, but to me it was so much more. It shows trust and love and patience.

Last Saturday Seth came over and he and Kev entertained Aspen for an hour while I sat in my room and read a book. I left my door open and even welcomed Aspen when she came in after a bathroom break. But I was trying to enjoy some time to myself so she scampered off again to play with her boys. When I came downstairs after my hour, she was so happy to see me-- like I'd been gone all day.

It was such a rewarding feeling as Aspen squealed, "Mommy! You can play with me!" after my little break. I know every parents expresses a desire to always have a good relationship with their kids, but I really hope that Aspen will let me be her friend as she gets older. It wasn't until I moved away for college that I wanted to be friends with my parents. Even if Aspen waits that long to like me again after her teen years, I'll be pretty happy.

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