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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fairy princess crown Tinkerbell hair

I'm really impressed with Kev's genes for somehow overpowering mine. He gave this girl her green eyes, which is such a surprise because for the first year and a half of her life, she had BLUE BLUE BLUE eyes. I love how they've changed! It's such a treat because otherwise this little lady is my miniature twin.

We managed to sit nicely after a bath one night and hammer out this hairstyle. She held her plastic Ernie while I combed and tied and twisted her hair. It turned out how I'd hoped- like a princess crown on the top of her head.

The greatest thing about this hairstyle is that it survived being slept on Saturday night. I sang in the ward choir Sunday, which meant I had to be at church before Aspen was even awake for the day. Kev's fingers aren't able to manipulate silky baby hair into elastics so we needed a hairstyle that required no touch ups other than combing. And not only did the "crown" last through one night, but it also made it until Monday as well. Definitely a keeper.

It's pretty simple- make a small pony tail front and center (photo 1). Twist the pony through itself and divide in equal parts (photo 2). Create pigtails above each ear and twist those through themselves as well, incorporating the equal parts you made in the first pony tail.

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  1. Cute! I love how long the little tuck through pony tails last. Anything else in Zoie's hair looks like a mess after 2 hrs but these last forever. I will definitely be trying this style. Maybe tomorrow for Easter... :)
    Thanks for another great idea!


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