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Friday, March 22, 2013

It's your lucky day.

On Wednesday Amanda took Aspen for a few hours so I could really attack the walls in Aspen's new room. I know there is no way I can get the house painted before we move in if I have to let Aspen "help" me the whole time. So I asked and Amanda delivered. She even picked Aspen up from the Lucky House for me. That's pretty great service.

Of course, I didn't send Aspen on her way without letting her help a little bit. I got her brush loaded up and then let her go to town. I didn't even attempt to paint at all myself until after she lost interest. She ended up spending a little while staring out the living room window waiting for Amanda, so I used those precious minutes to cut in the accent wall and get it ready for my favorite part- rolling on the color. And of course, I let her help me with that part, too.

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In the Pink House we had one accent wall in both the master bedroom and Aspen's room. For this house, I wanted something a little different, while still really simple. There will be stripes in the master (like I mentioned HERE) so in Aspen's room I painted the closet interior.

That might sound dumb, but let me explain. I'm not putting doors on Aspen's closet, so leaving it open will expose the color and bring a little something extra to the room. As of right now, I'm planning to have Aspen's dresser in her closet to maximize floor space. But if it looks weird I might shuffle her furniture around.

Regardless, the closet will be open and plummy and fabulous. It brings dimension to the room since the color is framed by the closet's exterior wall.

While I was waiting fot the first coat to dry in the closet I almost tackled the hall bath with a purple brush, too. There's enough left over to cover the horrible, textured blue-ish color in there but I talked myself out of it. I need to finish Aspen's room (painting the remaining walls grey) before I go splattering color around in other rooms. Plus Kev doesn't appreciate it when I make "permanent" decisions without him. Which is why we still haven't picked out tile for the master bathroom.
So there we have another update on the Lucky House. Thanks for all the encouragement as we tackle an endless list of projects!


  1. I love that plum color, and it will look awesome with gray! Your new house looks so cute, even if it is a lot of work.

  2. I am really liking the bold look of the purple. I can't wait to see all the details and the finished project. Can you come help motivate me to finish my home. I too can get nothing done with my two little boys running around.

  3. I love the purple in the closet! It's unexpected and fun!
    We put dressers and/or bookshelves in the kids closets too. It really helps with floor space since our rooms are so small. The kids clothes don't hang down very far, so I feel like I'm using space that would be wasted otherwise.

  4. Something definitely has to go in the closet since we won't be putting any of Aspen's toys in the living room of the new house. I'm going to try keeping them all in her room from now on!


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