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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's your lucky day - painting Aspen's room

When I woke up Friday morning and saw the BLIZZARD outside I was pretty disappointed. Mainly because I knew I had a drive on 1-215 to contend with and I knew snow was going to complicate that commute. Also, I had already packed our winter clothes and had to send Aspen out into the world in just a sweatshirt and a bunny hat. Thankfully, it only took me and Aspen 45 minutes to get across the Salt Lake Valley and I left her at Nicole's house to play while I finished painting her room.

I had snuck over to the house Thursday night with Aspen and cut in the room so I could do a second cut in and then paint like crazy the rest of the morning. It worked out really well because I did manage to finish Aspen's room before I needed to head back to Nicole's to pick her up.

Once again, it was such a relief to have Aspen playing with friends while I got some work done. The only reason she stayed out of my hair Thursday night while I painted was becuase Kev was at the house, too, eating dinner. I also hooked up our TV and VCR (yes, we still use our VCR) and put a movie in to help keep her distracted. But it's definitely infinitely easier to paint sans toddler.

I'm really happy with how the room turned out, especially after my momentary panic attack thinking the grey would be too dark. Right as Kev opened the 5 gallon bucket I told him I wasn't sure about the color choice. He took a paint brush and slathered some grey next to the purple wall and I realized it looks awesome.

One of Kev's co-workers came over to the house on Saturday afternoon and finished some painting I had started that morning with Aspen. Margarita primed all the horrible sponge-painted walls for me, too, so I can eventually slap some color up. As we've been bringing the grey paint throughout the house, I feel it's coming across too blue. It's really disappointing because blue is not at all what I wanted. In Aspen's room, next to the cool purple, it stays more true-to-color. But on its own, well, that's another story.

So, we'll see how it comes together when we have furniture in the rooms and things hanging on the walls. Our bedroom is supposed to be this grey and a white stripe, but now I'm thinking I'll get a darker grey with less cool tones in it and use this light grey as the accent stripe. I'm definitely going to ask the paint person at Home Depot to find me a grey that won't morph into something else on my walls.

Kev's sister-in-law called me last week to ask when she could take Aspen for me, and I seriously almost cried. I know I can somehow get stuff done while still taking care of Aspen, but it is so much easier when she's having fun somewhere else. I took advantage of Anna's offer to watch Aspen and I cleaned the kitchen on Monday so it's ready for us to move our stuff over (once I get it all packed, that is). Although I'm really not exactly sure how on earth I'm going to get all our junk packed and ready to move by Saturday. It just seems so impossible. I know we just did it nine months ago, but I feel like the stuff we unpacked in the rental has been multiplying. I'm already to the point I'm throwing random things in boxes and hoping to see them on the other side (which is exactly what I did the night before we moved from Ogden to WJ).

Having these kid-free days to get work done has been such a relief. I don't have to take breaks to feed Aspen or clean up after another potty accident (no matter how often I suggest bathroom breaks, this kid does not take them in time to avoid accidents every. single. day), or just entertain her in general. I'm looking forward to when we're finally moved in and I can do projects while she's resting or sleeping for the night. It'll be so much easier than carting the poor thing all over the valley and then forcing her to stop having fun and come home with me after a few hours at her friends'/cousins' houses.


  1. Good luck with the move, I wish I was there to help!
    I think the color will be less blue once you add furniture, curtains etc.. :)

  2. Yeah, we'll see how it changes after the house is full. If it still bothers me by the time my sister gets back from her mission, then we'll tackle the re-paint together.

  3. Looking at these pictures makes me want to run to Lowe's and pick out the paint I have been dreaming of for quite some time and transform our home. Then I think of getting a sitter for the boys and how much work it will be and here I sit. Where is my motivation?

  4. Trin, I can't imagine trying to paint with two kids running around. It's "easy" to paint with just Aspen. She loses interest after about 20 mins and one paint-splatter to the face.

    But still, when we move I'm no longer painting during her waking hours!


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