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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Love thy neighbor

I spent two hours at the Lucky House on Friday raking leaves into piles. Dead, crusty apples needed to be rounded up from the grass and garden as well. Pine cones and grapes lined one entire side of the yard.

Saturday morning I was back at it. I spent nearly two more hours bagging things up (it's slow-going with a two-year-old in tow) and then took a break to get lunch for the boys. After we ate, I begged Kev to keep Aspen busy during the last hour we had before we needed to go back to WJ for her to nap. Being constantly interrupted while trying to work had finally worn out my patience and I couldn't imagine getting the last of the rotting leaves cleaned up if I had to simultaneously entertain Aspen while doing so.

So Kev took Aspen to another corner of the yard while Matt and I tackled another layer of leaves. We spread some of the soggy mess out to dry while we worked other sections. When 2pm finally rolled around, I loaded Aspen in the car to head home while the boys went on a supply run to Home Depot.

Aspen napped for about two hours and we rounded up some dinner to take back to the Lucky House so we could "picnic." We got inside and settled everything on the counter before Kev came into the kitchen with eyes bright, bursting to tell me something.

One of our neighbors had introduced himself to me on Friday and when he saw us all leaving the house Saturday for nap time and the Home Depot run, he and his wife snuck over to our yard and finished raking the disgusting pile of moldy leaves Matt and I had left to air out before I could get back to them on Monday morning. They had hoped to finish it before Kev returned, but he "caught" them cleaning dirt out of our gutters before they got it all done.

It was the kind of gesture I really needed that day. Before returning to the Lucky House for dinner I had been on the phone with my mom, crying about how stressful it is to coordinate packing, cleaning, moving and repairs at the new house while being Aspen's only care-giver. I feel like I can't get any one task finished before I'm interrupted and have to put everything on hold. So having someone finish a job that I couldn't get done myself brought tears to my eyes. I'm pretty sure I could die in my West Jordan rental and no one would notice for weeks. But this new neighborhood is already taking care of us and we haven't even moved in yet.

Kev and I are so grateful we found this house. Even if it is SO MUCH WORK to get it livable and will be work for years to come. Our sneaky-leaf-raking-neighbor told me that he's been in his house since 1979 (when it was built) and he often gets realtors knocking on his door, asking if he'd consider selling. The neighborhood is that coveted. We know we're lucky.

And I know I need to make some cookies for my neighbor.


  1. That is SO nice! What a great neighbor (wish we had some like that). :)

  2. What a wonderful, sweet neighbor! Sounds like you found a real gem ;)

  3. They are such awesome neighbors. I am so happy for you guys.

  4. I am glad you found a good house in a great neighborhood. I have been praying things would start looking up for you since that move to WJ.


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