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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sing us a song, you're the piano man

We went to a baby blessing on Saturday and eventually Aspen found herself in the chapel with some of her little friends. When Kev and I discovered her whereabouts, she was plunking on the keys and pretending her friends were all dancing ballet to the music.

It took a lot of cajoling to finally get her to leave the piano alone and come home with us. Thankfully, Kev explained that at home, he had a keyboard she could play with. He dug it out of the garage when we got home and let her have it.

Then Aspen remembered her princess computer which I got (WITH WORKING BATTERIES) from DI a long time ago. It has a piano setting so she turned that on as well and totally worked it with two keyboards. I'm waiting for the day she realizes she actually has a third piano, too. Then we'll really be jamming.

When we get moved into the new house, Kev will reclaim a piano he originally purchased for his mom. She no longer has need of it, so we'll get to enjoy it as much as anyone can who doesn't know how to play the piano. I'm going to insist that Aspen take lessons, and maybe I can piggypack off her and re-learn a little myself. The best part about getting it, though, will be moving it into the basement of the house through the garage. NO STAIRS!! I think if we had to get it up any stairs, we'd have to pass. Moving is bad enough without throwing a piano into the mix.

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