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Friday, March 29, 2013

Window watching

I went to Target this week (because Aspen needed to go on another adventure! that day) and decided to browse their curtain selection while there.

Of course, I fell in love with some amazing prints/color combinations before realizing they're $25 PER PANEL. I was like, what?! How can they charge so much for one panel? Why do they even sell single panels?! That's probably the real question here.

I did like THIS in white for over the kitchen sink, but it's not wide enough. IKEA has something similar but the size I need is $24. I guess it's worth it, though, to have something in the style I want. Plus we're talking about IKEA, here. I haven't been in a looong time, which is very uncharacteristic of me.

We left all our curtains in the Pink House when we sold it, and while I know that was a smart decision, I kind of regret it. Now I have to purchase rods and hardware and curtains all over again. Yes, that can be kind of fun, but it's also not.

The Lucky House has sliding glass doors and I immediately wanted these Target curtains for that space. But I'd probably need four panels and then I'd be broke. I just really want something that will help the grey walls look more grey than blue and these could do the trick. Of course, I also love these and these and these.

Thankfully, most of the rooms have functioning blinds already installed. Even if they're ugly, they'll at least get the job done until I'm ready to make a decision regarding updates. For now I just have to worry about that sliding door and the window over the sink.

And while we're talking about Target, can I just say that I love so many things from the Nate Berkus line? It makes me want to go all nautical in the new house. And since I'm from Maine I could probably get away with it and not look ridiculous.


  1. Here's a tip for you-- for the sliding glass door, you probably want curtains that have the metal rings built in at the top vs. the fabric tabs or fabric tube you have to thread the rod all the way through. The fabric doesn't slide very easy, and given that you have a dog and a 2 1/2 year old, you'll be opening and closing that door approximately a hundred times per day.

    And another tip-- if you're able to find curtains with the metal rings that you like, make sure to get a metal curtain rod vs. a wood one that is painted. The rings do a fantastic job holding up to wear and tear and sliding easily, but they do wear the paint off of the rod over time.

  2. Oh that's a goooood tip! I already bought a metal rod from IKEA so that's good to go. And guess what- we have a dog door next to the sliding door so I never have to let the dog out again (at least during spring/summer/fall when I can leave it open)!!!

  3. keep the house pics coming. loving it! seriously, why do people only buy one panel. i've never understood it either.


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