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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

It is your birthday.

So... my birthday happens to coincide closely with the purchase of our Lucky House. That means I felt really guilty wanting anything more. I mean, isn't getting out of West Jordan enough?! Yes, it actually is. But then my long-time friend (since we were 14) Ashley suggested we go to City Creek together sometime after I moved as a reward for surviving it all. I couldn't say no to that. And when I told Kev about it he reminded me to buy something for myself, from him, for my birthday. I couldn't say no to that, either!

For Christmas I decided all I wanted was a pair of TOMS, but then I never got around to picking which ones or trying them on or buying them and wrapping them and putting them under the tree. So I decided I'd go ahead and get them for my birthday. Ash and I looked all over Nordstrom and had finally given up on finding them there when I spotted a tiny table with like, six pairs of TOMS on it. I'd been considering the crochet style because I really do want an awesome tan line on my feet this summer. Really. And luckily, the crochet ones were pretty much the only option besides the classic style.

I tried on some bland tan ones and eyed the yellow and finally settled on the purple. I mean, come on! Purple! I think it's secretly my favorite color. When I asked Ashley if I could wear my new purple shoes with my neon pink jeans she laughed and said no. So I put them back in their box but when I got home I happily wore them and looked like a bag of skittles the rest of the night with my color palette.

It was so relaxing to walk around and go in any store we wanted and try on whatever and take our time. Ashley's the perfect friend to shop with because she will tell you when those cute polka-dot jeans at The Limited have weird pockets that make your butt look huge. So you won't buy them and your butt will thank you.

Ash had met me at my house so we could take Trax to and from CC, and it was such a good decision. Being General Conference, we knew it'd be packed and that we'd never find any parking, especially between sessions. Both of us absolutely hate driving in traffic, so Trax gave us the freedom to relax and enjoy our shopping high. It was just the break I needed from the stress of packing, moving, unpacking, and then staying up really late to cut in a coat of primer in the hallway for two hours with my arm above my head to reach the top of the wall.

But wait, there's more! When Kev picked me up from the Trax station in Sandy, he had two cards from my parents (one for my birthday and one for buying the LH) that of course had money in them which basically cancelled out what I had spent at the mall earlier.

Best. Day. Ever.

Needless to say, it was much better than my birthday celebrations last year, which were not actually celebrations per se, but were more like horrible things that happened on my birthday.


  1. love love your new toms, your ring is cute too, how nice would it be to go shopping without kids?! and to touch everything without them running away and hidding from you! I'll keep dreaming, I hope today is just as wonderful as your day trip!

  2. Yay!! Happy birthday! And I love your purchases, so awesome :) I totally would have worn those shoes with neon pink pants, too ;) haha. Who doesn't want to look like a bag of skittles?! Have a fabulous day, my dear!

  3. Sounds like a terrific day. Happy Birthday!!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! So glad you had a fun shopping trip for yourself. There's nothing like a little retail therapy for your b-day. :)

  5. happy birthday! loooove the toms and can't wait to see your tan lines after the summer :) and yes, i'd totally wear the pink + purple together too! it is spring afterall!

  6. It was a great birthday/weekend-before-my-birthday. Now I have to finish painting the hallway... yippy!

    Thanks everyone!

  7. Happy Bday Liv! Is that the same Ashley that I visited with you way back in the day? How awesome that you two are still friends. Sounds like you had a great day. xo

  8. Yes, it's Ashley who we house-crashed in HS. I think one of the key reasons we're still friends is that we've lived in different time zones half the time we've known each other. HA!

  9. I, so glad you were born. Your post made me smile, I'm so glad you spent money on YOU and that it was given back to you at the end of the night. What an awesome day!


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