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Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's your lucky day - living and dining rooms

Putting together the giant, IKEA shelves was one of the first things on my agenda after we got Aspen's room sorted out. Without the shelves, I couldn't unpack any of the other boxes in the living room- most of their contents find a home on those shelves.

So Kev and I spread everything out and put that thing together and we didn't even once get mad about it. That's talent right there. Usually, assembling IKEA furniture leads to a lot of... frustration. Once it was up against the wall, I got down to business emptying box after box after box so we could find the new living room rug again.

Initially, I was really excited about having a lot of cabinet space in this house. We had very little in the Pink House and even less in the WJ rental. But once we got all the boxes into the kitchen I wanted to cry. There is so much space and that meant too many options for where to put everything. I ended up having to sleep on it before I could make a decision about what would go where. And even then, it was days before I unpacked the final boxes. Being sleep-deprived definitely made that room more stressful than it needed to be.

The kitchen and dining will really come together once I finish painting the wall (that Margarita so kindly primed for me) and get the curtains hung for the sliding glass door/kitchen window. I'm so excited to have the heart of the house clear of boxes and clutter so it can welcome instead of overwhelm me every morning.


  1. So exciting! The moving process always sucks for me but setting up a new house is always a lot of work but leaves me with a big sense of accomplishment. The house is coming together so nicely, it looks great! Love the wall color in the living room.

  2. It's looking GREAT! I can't wait to see it. Whenever I'm unpacking a kitchen (or my mom's a couple of years ago) I do the spice cupboard first, because I like it very near the stove. Then I stand at the stove and imagine something is boiling. Where would I reach for a spoon? A hotpad? If I were guessing where to unload the dishwasher, where would I put this giant bowl? Sometimes you end up rearranging, but at least this way you don't accidentally put the peanut butter clear across the room from the toaster.

  3. I've already found a huge miscalculation in my unpacking- I can't have the dishwasher open and reach into the "dishes cupboard" at the same time. So I'm unloading everything on to the counter, then closing the dishwasher, then putting everything in the cupboard. So I need to muster up the strength to move everything to a different spot. UUUGGGHH.

  4. So fun tosee everything coming together. Looks great and I completely understand about the cupboard space its a big deal and you don't want to move around stuff later. Some of the places I put things doesn't really flow or make sense so I've moved things around.

  5. When I first scrolled down without reading I thought your house was an ikea add! It looks super, love the gray paint against black bookshelves!


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