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Friday, April 12, 2013

It's your lucky day - master and ensuite bath

This was pretty much the state of affairs in the master right after we moved into the Lucky House. The walls sported a sea-foam green color and there's a hole cut in the blinds which I can only assume used to accommodate a window A/C unit. We just piled stuff up on Kev's tall dresser to keep the hole covered until Kev put the replacement blinds in.

He also did a lot of work on the master bath before we moved in. It's a 3/4 bath, but it's a huge job because he had to gut it completely. When he started the renovations, he found out the subfloor was rotted. So everything came out and he's rebuilding it from scratch. This will be the first custom shower he's ever built and when we finally agreed on tile, I got really excited about it. For now we're using the main hall bath, which Aspen thinks is funny because it's HERS. Every time she sees me in there she asks why I'm using her bathroom.

It was probably only two or three days until most of our stuff was unpacked and the house felt comfortable. We'll be juggling things around for a while still since there's a master closet project in the works as well. Kev and I look forward to this being a long-term home, so all the updates feel like a gift to ourselves instead of simply a never-ending to-do list.

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  1. So fun reading about your projects. Thats one thing about fixer uppers you can make them exactly how you want & I feel like you appreciate it more after the blood & sweat you've put into it.


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