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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's your lucky day - master bathroom progress

When we bought the Lucky House, the master bath was in disarray. I can't be sure if the previous owners stopped remodelling in the thick of financial woes, or if they had some plumbing problems that led them to rip apart the master shower. Either way, it was a mess. And part of our loan conditions required us to fix it for inspection by May 1 (or a new contractor could be hired to finish it for u$).

So Kev has dilligently been working on that shower to meet the deadline and get us two functioning bathrooms again. Two!! I'm so spoiled.

It took us a long time to decide on tile, and even after we finally chose this simple, green glass mosaic we had to agree on how to set it. I wanted a simple, thick band in the upper part of the shower, and Kev wanted the band plus single stripes at regular intervals. I don't know how my idea eventually won out, but I'm relieved it was finally settled so we could move on with our lives.

The floor tile in the shower will be a plain, white square. We couldn't agree on a mosaic, so we just took the easy route and went basic. The floor tile in the bathroom itself will be a larger, plain, white square as well. I'm totally fine with a white bathroom, but I think Kev worried about it being boring. He may be forgetting that there will be so many other details in the room that having the majority of the tile be white will be refreshing (i.e. wall color, shower curtain, bath linens, even bottles of shampoo bring color).

Kev put in a couple of wall cubbies for our bathroom essentials, and he even built a small foot rest (seen in the bottom left of the photos) for me to use when shaving my legs. These little details are so exciting because we're doing them for ourselves and not for someone else. Although, it would be nice if someone else was doing it for us. I'm telling ya, the guilt I feel about all the work Kev is doing is horrendous. There are nights I'm so tired from a day full of Aspen's tantrums that I go to bed at 10p while Kev works a couple more hours on the bathroom by himself. I console myself by reasoning that if Aspen took naps anymore, I'd be more helpful in getting things done during the day while Kev's at work.

That's a valid excuse, right?

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  1. Love the tile & those cubbys are awesome, great idea!

  2. Wish I had cubbies like that, great idea. Love the strip of tile too, looks awesome!

  3. we had one built in our and it's awesome!!! i wish we'd done two!

  4. its looking so awesome, nice choice on the tile - its gorgeous!

  5. It looks so great! I love a white bathroom, they're so clean, bright, and airy looking.
    We had some built ins like that in our last house. They were awesome..I miss them. :(

  6. That is going to look so great. I am excited to see how it all turns out


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