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Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's your lucky day - the painted hallway

When we initially walked through our Lucky House, it was hard to miss the extremely bad paint job in the hallway. It was textured, brown, spotty, badly patched and just an overall mess.

I was fortunate enough to have one of Kev's co-workers spend a Saturday afternoon priming the sponge-painted walls throughout the house for me. I knew I wouldn't finish painting the house before we moved in (my main concern was just finishing Aspen's room) so having someone do all that priming for me meant that after moving in, I had one less thing to do.

It still took me a loooong time to finish the hallway. I had to cut in around SIX DOORS (in addition to the ceiling and baseboards), and then put two-almost-three full coats of paint on the walls. I also had to let Aspen "help" me. She actually does a really good job, but when she's painting, I'm not. I'm trying to appear nonchalant while watching her like a hawk.

I also foolishly didn't think about how difficult it would be for a 2-year-old to walk down a hallway covered in wet paint without putting her hands on it. Oops. To her credit, she only touched it twice and both times were accidents (and one was definitely my fault). And it's easy to fix, so no harm done.

Next in the hall is switching those hideous doors out with the nicer, newer doors in the basement. Why the downstairs got better doors than the up is beyond me. Also, my brother gave me brand-new knobs for all the doors in the entire house (for my birthday) so that will spiffy things up even more. He works for a glass and hardware company so I definitely got spoiled with his connections. I'm thrilled that soon I'll no longer have to look at ugly brass doorknobs anymore.

I had originally planned for a runner or two down the hall, but the linen closet door doesn't allow clearance for anything under it. I may settle for something in the alcove area outside the bedrooms to help deaden sound when Aspen's sleeping and we're stomping up and down the hall. For now I plopped two old, orange, IKEA bathmats in that space and am calling it good. If I ever happen upon an amazing deal on a runner, then perhaps I'll add "shaving linen closet door down" to Kev's never-ending list of projects.


  1. SO much better. This house is going to look amazing by the time you're done with it.

  2. Your floors are quite lovely!

    I am jealous jealous JEALOUS of your hardware connection. Every doorknob in my entire blessed house is atrocious.

  3. Yes I thought that was WALLPAPER at first glance. Wows as. Doors really do Mae a big difference. In our house they were all wood and they made everything look bad. I'm glad you've got some better ones to work with! And good handles too woot woot!

  4. wow your wood floors are so beautiful! no need for a runner! love the color you chose for the walls, and a huge pat on the back to you for getting that project done. bonus points for letting aspen feel helpful! well done.

  5. I honestly love the wood floors, even though they're beat up and warped from previous water damage.

    And yeah... the walls before were a doozy. I'm so thankful I have the time to cover them all up with fresh paint so I don't have to look at spongey blobs forever.


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