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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's your lucky day - painting painting painting

Thanks to scoring a conventional loan, we don't have to pay for mortgage insurance. However, as part of that deal, we have a deadline for finishing certain projects in the Lucky House. One of those requested by the appraiser was finishing the stairs and other areas of the house that don't have "proper" flooring.

Kev and I went back and forth regarding what we want on the stairs. There's hardwood throughout the living space in the upstairs. There's laminate on the landing between the two sets of stairs. And there's an unfinished concrete floor throughout the basement because the carpet was ripped up after the house flooded during the previous owner's tenancy.

For the sake of time and the budget, we opted to paint the stairs and the concrete floor in the basement hall. Kev hopes to get the carpet in the downstairs bedrooms for the inspection (and we'll worry about putting the laminate in the laundry/hall when the more important projects are done) and hopefully there will be enough carpet left over to eventually cover the stairs, but for now they're done. At photo time I had yet to paint the trim, but they still look loads better than before!

I don't love the color, but it does blend pretty well with the blonde hardwood at the top of the stairs. And since it's temporary I can live with it. It was a lot of work to paint them simply because I was doing it late at night and felt sure I was going to somehow trap myself somewhere surrounded by wet paint on the stairs and the basement floor due to sleep deprivation. I'm tellin' ya, now that Aspen doesn't nap anymore and I have to do EVERYTHING after she's in bed, life is a lot more exhausting.

Once we pass the inspection, though, things can slow down a bit. We'll be able to tackle projects at our own pace and take the time to do them exactly how we want them long-term. I mean, the painted stairs are nice, but if I was going to keep them painted forever, I'd definitely choose a different color and go crazy with a pattern or a contrasting color on the risers. Something that I really love instead of just something to make them DONE.


  1. Nice job getting them done. That's frustrating that u can't take your time and get things done how you want! I would love to take aspen for another day. What does next Monday look like for you? Would you like a day to get things done?

  2. Well... our deadline is tomorrow, so we're just going to have to pay whatever daily penalty they have until the required stuff is done. Boo.

    On Monday I'm exchanging the bathroom cabinet at IKEA, but I'll let you know when I want to take advantage of your kindness again!


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