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Friday, April 26, 2013

It's your lucky day - peacock paint

I picked peacock blue for my bathroom, but since Kev is still doing the tile in there, I had to get going somewhere else. What better place to paint an obnoxious blue wall than smack in the middle of the kitchen?

The morning after the first coat went up, I walked into the kitchen and noticed blue reflecting everywhere. We don't yet have curtains up in this space, so morning sun shines through the window and sliding glass door, illuminating this wall. It's pretty exciting. After two coats, the color is even more phenomenal than that first day.

I love the color and I wish these photos were more true-to-color; it reads a lot more greenish blue in real life.The paint itself, however, sucked. I don't recommend using Glidden. It was super watery and made splatters unless I rolled extremely slowly. Not my idea of a good time when I'm painting in the middle of the night and just want to get done and sleep.

Thanks to Lauren, I found out about a flash sale for removable wall adhesives. Because it was around my birthday (but before I planned a shopping spree with Ashley) I decided to purchase a set of dot decals from Walls by Mur and use them here in the kitchen. I chose mini dots in a silvery-grey to complement the wall color in the rest of the room (grey-that-often-looks-blue). I have to let this peacock color cure for 2 weeks before slapping up the dots, so that gives me time to figure out what kind of arrangement I'm going to do- symmetrical or random or something in between.

For now, I'm just really happy the peacock blue makes the grey walls really look grey.

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