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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Livin' it up in the Lucky House

I keep telling myself this must be a dream. We can't possibly be this lucky to have this house in this neighborhood at this time in our lives.

The first night in the Lucky House, we turned out the lights and laid down to sleep and were actually shocked at how dark and quiet it was. Not a single dog barked in the neighborhood. No one was playing music. The street was empty of cars.

It was a complete 180 from the WJ rental. That neighborhood was always noisy and the light from our front porch and neighbors' cars would shine into our bedroom window. I don't know how Aspen slept through all the racket, but I'm glad she did.

Since moving in, neighbors have been bringing us treats and visiting us to welcome us here. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude that we're being approached, and our friendliness is being reciprocated. It is such a relief to know we won't just disappear in the cracks of this neighborhood.

During our first week in the LH, the kids were on spring break so they were constantly riding bikes up and down the street. The boys chased after each other with BB guns and still others played basketball two doors down. I've seen girls walking an extremely fat beagle around the block countless times. It's the kind of neighborhood in which no one minds that the kids are running across lawns and sharing driveways.

I feel so much happiness here, so much promise. After nine long months in West Jordan, feeling insignificant and lost and alone, it is so nice to be here. To start somewhere new and fresh so completely different from the last place we lived. I imagine Aspen growing up here and coming back during her breaks from college. I see this as the place she'll call home (even if a little piece of my heart is still in Ogden) and that's what matters most; this place feels like home.


  1. So happy for you guys! Dying to see more photos!!

  2. Good for you! So glad you're much happier now in your new house.


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