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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A birthday in B-town

We went up north to Ella's birthday party on Saturday and Aspen was so excited for another afternoon spent with her buddy Milo. After a lot of outside time, I eventually discovered Aspen and Milo sitting together at the piano, pretending to play.

Eventually, Milo's dad came in and played some music for these two cuties so they could bust some moves on the dance floor. It was darling. Is there anything cuter than little kids dancing together? They had so much fun.

I'm so glad we could spend the afternoon with good friends, celebrating Ella's birthday and enjoying the beautiful weather. I'm also so happy SueAnn and her Kev got such a great new house with so much potential in a great area for their family. Yea for movin' on up in the world!

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