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Monday, May 06, 2013

Appreciating real books

So many memories are still boxed up. A couple of weeks ago I noticed an open box in the basement and peeked in to see the contents. It was surprising to see our photo albums and framed pictures looking back at me. Those had been packed since our move from Ogden, so I hadn't seen them in nearly ten months.

I spent some time in the office/library/computer room to straighten it up some more. It's become a catch-all right now with painting supplies and a shop vac and even my wardrobe surplus (yea for extra closets!). Kev brought home a bookshelf from DI last week that has been making me feel guilty for not unpacking more.

As I opened more boxes, I found Kev's collection of seriously old books from his grandparents' basement. When we were dating, he was so excited to show them to me because I majored in English. The books range from LDS literature to old Bibles, to those pictured here.

In our Wasatch apartment, we displayed these books in old, glass-fronted bookshelves in our living area. In the Pink House, they were in a small bookcase in Aspen's room. She almost never crawled, and when she finally learned to walk, she didn't have any interest in pulling things off shelves. So these volumes stayed safely stowed away in her room, never to be appreciated in their little corner.

As I sorted through them, I plucked a few of the more sturdy and colorful titles to display in the living room. The rest are stacked in the office/library/computer room (eventually I'll settle on what to call it) where they can be seen but not ruined by curious toddlers.

Over the years, I've thinned out my stash of books significantly. I always feel so guilty when we move and have helpers hauling box after box full of cumbersome books. I also feel guilty buying books when I could borrow them free from the library instead. But after rediscovering all of these gorgeous books, it makes me want to indulge just a little. Perhaps I'll allow myself to purchase one new book every year (which isn't bad considering some months I check out a dozen from a library). Maybe I'll start by replacing my falling-apart-paperback copies of Anne of Green Gables. There's just something so satisfying about a hard-bound, beautiful book.

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  1. Those old books are really cool! Wish I liked reading more but glad Bailee's taking after her dad instead of me in that department. Books are expensive so can understand using the library. We haven't gotten rid of a lot of books too unless they have some kind of reason to keep.


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