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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Here comes the choo choo train

Kev is almost done with the master bath, so in order to give him uninterrupted time today to work on it, I decided to get Aspen out of the house as much as possible. We got ready for the day and then I surprised Aspen by telling her we were going to ride on a train and go to Salt Lake City. Let it be known that she is OBSESSED with Salt Lake City. There was a day last summer when we happened to meet Milo/SueAnn/Ella in SLC on the same day that Kev was taking a class there for work. We didn't even go near the place Kev was in, but for whatever reason, Aspen thought it was the coolest thing ever that we were in SLC with all her favorite people on the same day.

So. Yeah. Her head about exploded when I told her our plans. She loves going to SLC and she hasn't ridden Trax yet so it was all very exciting.
See? She's THRILLED.
I love riding Trax because I'm extremely directionally-challenged and I hate parking. So it's a win-win.

Our first stop was, of course, GAP so I could look for shorts. But Aspen complained the whole time I tried to sift through clothes so we went over to the kids' section so she could try on butterfly wings.

We got lunch and played at the dino playground for a little while before I convinced her it was time to go by telling her about a magical store full of Tinkerbell stuff. She's never been inside the Disney Store before. It was a little overwhelming for her at first. It was super-full and there were so many sparkly things to look at. Thankfully Aspen is really good about not asking for stuff so it's actually fun to take her in to stores just to look. When we found the Tink section I showed her a music box/jewelry box with a little twirling Tink inside it. The look of wonder and delight on Aspen's face was priceless. Well, actually, not priceless. I wasn't willing to pay almost $20 to take it home.

I do love seeing her enjoy something, though. Even if it's only for a few minutes. She also loved the Cars toys, but it's disappointing that they mostly carry junk from Cars 2, which we haven't seen (because a lot of people/reviews had bad things to say about it). At least we came prepared with our own Mator and Lightning thanks to Uncle Seth. Aspen just pulled those out of our bag to help her get over the shock that was seeing Mator painted all crazy different for Cars 2.

I had a fun day with Aspen, and it was only when I was trying to convince her it was time to go that I regretted our adventure. She screamed so loudly at the train platform I'm sure people thought a kid had fallen on the tracks. It was pretty horrific. But she topped that on the car ride from the station to our house. She soaked her car seat straps with her tears. And it's only about a mile long drive. When we got home I couldn't even touch her. Kev had to come outside and talk her down before I could get her out of the car. She really, really, really wanted to stay in Salt Lake City.

Regardless of the less-than-stellar ending, she had a fun day. We calmed down with about 20 books on my bed and then I fell asleep on the couch while she watched My Little Pony on repeat before dinner.

And now the shower is almost done! For reals! All the tile is grouted and the faucet is installed. Now we just need to get the curtain hung and put in the toilet/vanity/medicine cabinet. I'd call that a successful day, even if there was an epic tantrum.

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