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Thursday, May 02, 2013


Is there anything cuter than a little lamb sunbathing while lounging against its mama? NO. I met up with Amanda and the kids at Wheeler Farm last week and we got to see a sampling of the new baby animals. Well, mostly the other kids. As soon as Aspen and I got to the barn she said, "I'M SCARED OF EVERYTHING!" and once again refused to get out of her stroller.

Thankfully having her friends around loosened her up a bit and she got out of her stroller to feed ducks, see the bunnies and freak out when a rooster walked around a corner. I just love Wheeler Farm. It's so pretty and there's so much to see and now we live so ridiculously close AND THE SUN IS FINALLY WARM.

Amanda helped a lot before we moved by watching Aspen for me and I've felt so overwhelmed with gratitude for her efforts. It's amazing to me that we've reconnected as friends after knowing each other briefly waaaaaaay back in 2003 through mutual friends. And now here we are, spending time together with our kids in tow ten years later. Strengthening existing friendships was something I looked forward to when Kev got a job that required us to move to SL County. I'm thankful I did take advantage of those opportunities even though I felt so miserable while we were in WJ for those 9 months. I guess, more importantly, I should be thankful my existing friends put up with me while I was so miserable in WJ for 9 months!

I mentioned to Amanda how obsessed I am with the idea of Aspen having life-long friends. I don't have any friends from my early childhood (besides my amazing siblings), and I really want Aspen to have that. I want her to be like, "yeah, these are the friends I've had since I was two and now we're going to graduate from high school together" and then she can marry Milo or something. What it boils down to is me wanting her to have people who know her history. People who will remember funny stories about her and tell them to her over and over again. People who will stick up for her and be loyal to her, even if it's just because they know their moms will be disappointed if they don't.

I know, this started as a post about adorable baby sheep and now I'm dreaming of Aspen growing up with best-friends-for-life. Whatever!

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