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Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's your lucky day - front yard flowers

Before all our hard work
One of our first Sundays at church in the new ward, we were continually introducing ourselves as "the ones who bought the flood house." So many people kept commenting on how glad they were the house would no longer be vacant. One woman even joked that she was looking forward to finally seeing flowers in the front yard again. Her comment, though made in complete jest, weighed on my mind. For the last two months the only thought I've given to the yard is to mow it a few times. The projects inside have been much more pressing than those awaiting us outside.

Finally, on Memorial Day, Aspen and I went to Home Depot and bought plants for the front yard. At the Pink House, my neighbor gave me a box full of her snapdragons (since they had outgrown her flower beds over the years) so I knew that's what I wanted for the Lucky House. I also bought some inexpensive succulents to fill in the front of the bed, and some lupines for the back.

The whole family spent the majority of the day outside- Kev mowing, edging and trimming before Aspen and I cleared the front bed and planted the flowers. It feels so good to have that project tackled! Kev even finished clearing the bed on the side of the driveway when it was time to get Aspen inside out of the sun for a little rest.

When I was digging around and cleaning the bed, I realized the overgrown bush that I hated was actually lavender, and I was relieved I hadn't given in to the impulse to buy a lavender bush at Home Depot. I would've felt pretty stupid if I brought home a smaller version of a plant already in my yard that I was planning to remove. After it was thinned out and fluffed up, that lavender smelled SO GOOD. And Kev pointed out some mint in another area of the yard so I transplanted that next to the lavender.

It was a great day spent in the yard, and we finished up with a BBQ with Seth and Marc and my step-sister Andrea. Aspen was in heaven with all the attention.

I'm really thankful we had beautiful weather on Monday, followed by rain Tuesday and Wednesday. It helped set all my flowers and they looked so happy the rest of the week.

Teacup bird feeder project found HERE.


  1. Love the flowers! I can't wait to start doing stuff like that and being out of the apartment living (2 more months, wahoo!) Looks so cute!

  2. It's nice to finally have something started. The bushes by the driveway are still an eyesore but progress is progress!


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